Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Cucking Stool: People's Choice Most Valuable Blog

CBS Local (WCCO radio and television) has announced the winners of it inaugural Most Valuable Blogger competition. And mirable dictu, the Cucking Stool won as the People's Choice in the local affairs division. Our thanks to all the people who voted for us, and to CBS for sponsoring the competition.

There was a great group of nominees; I especially want to mention a couple of them. First, congratulations to the eponymous Minnesota Brown for the win of the Editor's Choice in the local affairs category. It is also a small irony -- at least -- that some of us here found out we'd won from a tweet by Karl Bremer, the proprietor of Ripple in Stillwater, one of the other nominees. Karl does great investigative reporting (including for the Dump Bachmann blog) that he couples with effective activism in his home town.

Thanks again, everybody.

Update: I started the blog a few years ago, but it is now a group effort. Thanks to MNO, Rob, and Aaron.

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