Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Drinking Liberally: upcoming attractions

We have some great programs scheduled for the Minneapolis - St. Paul chapter of Drinking Liberally, programs you won't want to miss.

This week, on Thursday, October 16th 13th (what was I thinking?), we will talk about the first week of the Occupy Minnesota protests. There will be several people there who have been there on one or more days of the protests. Bring your pictures of erudite or funny signs you've seen at the "People's Square." My personal favorite is: Where is our Ferdinand Pecora? What's yours?

On October 20th, our guest will be Bill Hillsman, described by many as the best political pitchman in America. He was instrumental in the upset wins of Paul Wellstone and Jesse Ventura. Bill is the CEO of North Woods Advertising and the author of Run the other Way. Bill's remarks will begin around seven o'clock that evening; he'll talk about the art of the political message.

And on November 10th, Javier Morillo-Alicea, the president of SEIU local 26 and a well-known local political activist, will be DL's guest. That program will also begin at seven.

Drinking Liberally Minneapolis - St. Paul meets every Thursday evening, from six o'clock onward, at the 331 Club in northeast Minneapolis.

Update: And if you're in New York, be sure to check out the new Occupy Wall Street chapter of Drinking Liberally; it meets on Wednesdays near -- of course -- Wall Street.

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