Sunday, October 09, 2011

Katie takes a victory lap!

It's far better than writing about something new!

The hed for the column tells all you need to know about whether Katherine Kersten is going to give this one a rest: TiZA is gone, but lawsuit and questions remain.

Katherine writes today -- as she has so often in the past -- about a public charter school that was too Muslim; in truth, it looks like it was. (You might want to read the column, because it is probably the only time you'll ever read Katie praising ACLU - Minnesota.)

The subhed is almost as good: How is it that so few were willing to challenge a public school with an overtly religious curriculum?

Of course, Katie is quick to remind us that she is one of the "few," and how she was nearly martyred for her courage in speaking out.

The thing that is funny about Katie donning the breastplate of the Establishment Clause is that she would throw it out in a heartbeat for a public charter school that was found to be too "Christian," or for sectarian school vouchers (Free Exercise!); you'd be amazed at how fast she would turn on ACLU - Minnesota then.

But I don't think that Katie has to worry about that. If you go over a list of some of just the names of public charter schools, it is pretty apparent that the ACLU - Minnesota is way too feckless to take on a Christian charter.

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