Monday, October 10, 2011

Tea Party or Occupy Minnesota?

Word arrived in these remote precincts last evening that Mitch Berg had cast his trademarked pall on the proceedings at Occupy Minnesota sometime on Sunday.

Anticipating the inevitable jeering -- yet ponderous -- post about the visit, I decided to make a little video comparing Mitch's baby, the Tea Party, and Occupy Minnesota. Here it is. Watch carefully; there are a couple you might miss.

This one is for you, Mitch.

You can read Mitch's post, if you are so inclined, anticipated when the video was made, but now sprung on an unsuspecting public, here.

Update: I saw several tweets about Paul Krugman writing on the significance of the OWS protests. Here is a graf from his op-ed:
What’s going on here? The answer, surely, is that Wall Street’s Masters of the Universe realize, deep down, how morally indefensible their position is. They’re not John Galt; they’re not even Steve Jobs. They’re people who got rich by peddling complex financial schemes that, far from delivering clear benefits to the American people, helped push us into a crisis whose aftereffects continue to blight the lives of tens of millions of their fellow citizens.
Be sure to listen to the second interview on the video carefully.

Further update: Eric Black has more about the protest signs at Occupy Minnesota.

And yet another update: (I am getting into Glenn Greenwald territory; I know that.)  Say what you will about the dress of the Occupy Minnesota crowd, but I didn't see anybody who looked like this:

Sashes and brooches, oh my!

The photo is from slide show at TPM of the Value Voters Summit.

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