Sunday, October 23, 2011

New member enters Faux Victim Hall of Fame

The Minister of Troubling Signs feted at induction ceremony

Taking her rightful place along side Anders Behring Breivik, Goldman Sachs, and everybody who ever sang the Horst Wessel song, Katherine Kersten takes a seat in the pantheon of faux victims for her column in the Strib bemoaning the ill treatment of people who favor the ill treatment of gays.

Kersten uses the word "aggression" to describe the opposition and push back to the initiative that she and the rancid bunch of Republicans in the legislature brought up in the first place. She has a lot of damn nerve claiming that it's the opponents to the gay marriage amendment who are the aggressors.

But let's look at some of the aggression. In one of the column's great gems, Kersten writes:
As a result [of a Minnesota Campaign Finance and Disclosure Board decision], Minnesotans who believe that gay people have a right to live as they wish, but who oppose redefining marriage, may find their civil rights, livelihoods or safety threatened if they dare to oppose what's becoming politically correct orthodoxy.
Aw, come on, Katherine, you'd gut gay people like trout, if you could. You, and John Nienstedt, and Bradlee Dean, and Maggie Gallagher, and Tom Pritchard, and Joel Adkins, and the whole rotten, poisonous bunch of you. Don't compound the sin by claiming that you're prepared to just leave gay people alone.

Kersten wants us to pity the poor people who want to discriminate against gays. I mean, gay people have never been discriminated against right? In truth, an unmarried gay couple is discriminated against in about 1,500 way in the law when compared to married partners.

Gay people have never been discriminated against in their livelihoods for being gay, right? Truly, it is to laugh. Kersten has apparently never heard of "don't ask, don't tell, " and the fact that Michele Bachmann and many others would reinstate it they could; well, until they could ban gays from the military altogether.

As far as safety goes, Katherine, when one of the people on your side get crucified on a barbed wire fence in freezing weather, come on back, and we'll talk. Or, perhaps, after a straight kid in Anoka is ostracized and taunted to death for bullying a gay teen. You obviously have no idea what you are talking about, Katherine.

Conservatives like Kersten are always preaching about how choices have consequences. The "choices" of being black, or Latino, or gay, or a woman seem to have consequences, all right. It seems only fair that something you have some control over, your attitudes, might have consequences as well.

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