Thursday, October 06, 2011

What's one more ugly scar?

As Karl Bremer writes in Ripple in Stillwater, maybe this:
Once Klobuchar and Bachmann get their way [on the proposed new freeway bridge across the St. Croix River], river advocates everywhere should be on their guard. Despite the authors’ claims to have written a tightly drafted bill that will trash only the St. Croix River, the next time developers on any protected river want to change the rules of the Wild & Scenic Rivers Act, they’ll merely have to point to the Klobuchar-Bachmann Boondoggle Bridge exemption and say “I want mine now.”
Bremer reports that Klobuchar defends the bridge because of the King power plant is in the vicinity, anyway, so what's one more scar? Karl notes the irony in the fact that the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act was adopted in part to keep more festering cankers like the King plant off of, well, wild and scenic rivers.

Klobuchar is said to have decided to support the bridge in part to "inoculate" herself against claims of being a tree and fish hugger if Bachmann decided to run against her. If that's true, it surely reinforces her reputation for timidity and her title as the Queen of Small Ball.

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