Friday, October 07, 2011

The tragedy of sexual addiction in the evangelical community

Horniness is next to Godliness

That, at least, is the finding of Ted Roberts, who has conducted in depth, um, research on the subject, which is reported in the Minnesota Christian Examiner. Here's a little about what Ted has been up to:
For the last three years, he has been leading Pure Desire full time. Roberts and his wife, Diane, are coming back to Woodland Hills [an evangelical church in St. Paul] in October to facilitate a two-day seminar called PDMI-University.
That gave you a start, didn't it? Ted's mission (almost wrote missionary!) position, though, is to root out sexual addiction wherever it may be found. Based on his research, he's got a lot of rooting to do. According to Ted:
“I do clinical counseling with church leaders and found that 58 percent of pastors are sexually addicted,” Roberts continued. “Teenagers just 17 years of age are the primary users of pornography, and their first exposure on the Internet is at 10 years of age. Statistics show that 75 percent of high school seniors have had intercourse. To address this, we have worked closely with a teen group and developed material that they relate to and that they found helpful. It is called ‘Top Gun.’”
That teenage boys "use" pornography as opposed to just "look" at will come as shattering news to most evangelicals, I suppose.

You can also bet that preachers are going start getting some hard-eyed stares from their evangelical congregants. If you have a church with two pastors, according to Ted, chances are . . . .

Anyway, hat's off to Ted for his important work. Godspeed, Ted.

Update: Fixed the name reference.

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