Wednesday, September 21, 2005

It just gets funnier . . .

Even Spot is surprised at the storm created by his post Conservative Reverb. Just as a refresher, this is the post where Spot compares the language from emails reprinted in Swanblog with that in a Katherine Kersten column on the same subject, and finds them, well, similar.

Peter Swanson, the author of Swanblog, then puts up a post stating that the column was not plagiarized from him. But Spot never used the word plagiarize. Why? Not because he was too timid to use it, but because Spot has always found it more satisfying when his audience draws its own conclusion, especially when it is the conclusion that Spotty wants them to make.

In coming to Katie's defense on the unmade plagiarism charge, it is obvious to Spot that Mr. Swanson believes that plagiarism is the inference that people would make. That's why he posted.

Swanblog punches the tarbaby again this morning at 4:37 AM. Either Swanson works as an all-night teller at TCF, or sleep is coming hard for him. He give us an analogy to explain why Katie's column is A-OK.

Spot really wants his readers to go read the whole post, but here's the punchline. Swanblog says that Katie is not like a car thief who drives away in somebody else's car without permission; she is like a parking valet who drives away in somebody else's car with permission. Spot is not making this up. He even saved the Swanblog post in case it is taken down.

So there you have it, gentle readers. Katherine Kersten, the parking valet of journalism.

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