Friday, September 30, 2005

A measley twenty bucks?

People are scratching their heads over Tom DeLay's PAC's contributions to local Republicans in the last election cycle. Mark Kennedy and John Kline each got, in round numbers, $30,000; Gil Guteneckt got, Spotty recalls, about $6,000. And Jim Ramstad got a measly $20. That's right: twenty bucks. What's that all about? asks Wendy Wilde and others. Spotty will tell you.

That is a highly symbolic $20. Ramstad doesn't need the money, but DeLay wanted to remind him who his real benefactor is for things like Jimbo's seat on the Ways and Means Committee. Just like LBJ used to do little things to remind his colleagues that "he had their peckers in his pocket."

Spot cannot recall an instance of Ramstad crossing DeLay. If he had, Jimbo would never see the light of day in the House.


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