Saturday, September 17, 2005

Ok people, listen up!

There have been a lot of comments about Spotty’s post Conservative reverb. Some of it surrounds what Spot said, or what he didn’t say. In order to – try – to clear things up, Spotty says:

The post and the quoted and compared material therein speak for themselves. As Spot said in response to a comment, Spot believes the post makes out a prima facie case of plagiarism. Spot points out that the author of Swanblog, where the material first appeared, apparently came to the same conclusion, based on the language of his defense of Katie.

Now, it may be that Katie can explain, although Spotty personally (personally?) has his doubts. In any event, it is up to Katie, not Swanblog, or Dave, or anybody else to provide the explanation. That’s Katie’s job. And Spot says she must do it in a column devoted to the issue.

What say you Ms. Kersten?

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