Friday, September 02, 2005

It's a good thing he can still write.

From Powerline yesterday:
I'm speechless too

A post on the Democratic National Committee blog attacks Condoleezza Rice for shopping while the people of New Orleans are suffering. Another post criticizes White House spokeman (sic.) Scott McClellan for categorically denouncing looting.

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Well, Spotty is outraged too! Imagine the nerve of those people. Taking drinking water and food from closed up stores when there is plenty of water - only somewhat tainted with fecal matter and petroleum products - all around them! Everyone knows that people, especially infants and children, can go several days without food or water. Since our president has promised a quick rescue, it is so disrespectful for people to go ahead and try to get something to eat and drink anyway.

And clothing? Anybody can see that most of these people are wearing clothes, and presumably underwear. Why can't they just wash out what they have in the only-slightly contaminated water? That would be much more respectful of the property rights of Wal-Mart and others. It is no coincidence that most of the people who didn't leave New Orleans before the hurricane struck are black.

(There is undoubtedly some genuine criminality going on, and that is certainly condemned. But for the president to categorically condemn looting when most of it is a desperate attempt to secure the basic necessities of life for adults and for children - when no one is even around to sell them - is the bigger outrage.)


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