Sunday, September 25, 2005

Michele and Michel's kind of place.

Over at Dump Michele Bachmann, there is a link to a story about a child who was expelled from a Christian school because her parents are lesbians.

A 14-year-old student was expelled from a Christian school because her parents are lesbians, the school's superintendent said in a letter.

Shay Clark was expelled from Ontario Christian School on Thursday.

"Your family does not meet the policies of admission," Superintendent Leonard Stob wrote to Tina Clark, the girl's biological mother.
As it says on DMB, that’s Michele Bachmann’s kind of school. And Spotty says it’ll be the kind of school you help to pay for, if legislators like Michele Bachmann and Geoff Michel (two Republican Minnesota state senators who both sit on the Education Committee) have their way. Both are, of course, proponents of school vouchers for private schools in Minnesota.

What do proponents of voucher programs really want? For the most part, they want to send their kids to religious schools. About 70% of students in
Milwaukee’s voucher program attend religious schools.

It is apparent from a couple of recent studies in Cleveland and Michigan that public school education is still the gold standard for student achievement. For several articles on the subject, you should check the excellent site here.

Spotty says that no public money should be wasted on providing a sectarian education because it comes at the expense of a quality public education for all kids. As Spotty has written before in Vouchers Smouchers, vouchers violate the Minnesota Constitution.


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