Friday, September 23, 2005

Spotty loves irony . . .

Especially when it is found within a single section of the newspaper. One the front page above the fold in Friday's Star Tribune, there is a story about the evacuation from Hurricane Rita in Texas. Prominent in the story is reporting about the monumental traffic jams on freeways leaving Houston, even though traffic on both sides of the freeways is now directed away from Houston. People are running out of gasoline, and pushing their cars to preserve their remaining gas as the traffic creeps along for hundreds of miles. Great. So efficient.

Ok, here's the irony part.

When Spotty turned to the op-ed section, which often contains laughs far better than Mallard Fillmore, he found a commentary by Fritz Knaak, a former legislator and one of the Grand Wizards of the anti-transit movement. Fritz suffers from a terminal case of bad timing. He argues that the disaster of Hurricane Katrina proves that we need more cars, not more public transit. Hysterical laughter. Sorry.

Fritz, don't forget that fleet of modified cars you will need for all the disabled and the non-drivers to drive themselves to safety.

Spot would call Fritz Knaak a fool, but he doesn't like to state the obvious.

The picture is from the Strib's story.


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