Friday, September 16, 2005

More about junk food . . .

Spotty has written before about Intellectual Takeout, the new conservative website designed for college students in You'll be hungry an hour later. There was an article about the website, and its first target St. Olaf College in the Wednesday September 14th Star Tribune. Annette Meeks, the current Geat Kahuna at the Center of the American Experiment, the Creator of the site, says that our own Katie Kersten provided the idea for it. Spotty knows why.

Remember the column about taking son of Katie to college? She just wants to be sure that son of Katie stays in touch with the conservative catechism, although it is difficult to believe that said son of Katie would be permitted to attend a college where he might stray from the straight and narrow.

More on this, especially the St. Olaf angle, in a day or two.

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