Saturday, October 01, 2005

They won't play nice . . .

From a post on A Tiny Revolution:
By my observation, colonial wars always have three stages in the minds of supporters:
1. We've got to help these people!
2. Why are these people resisting our attempts to help them?
3. These people MUST BE KILLED!!!!!!!!
You really should read the whole thing here.

The site author, Jonathan Schwarz, goes on to say that St. Louis Park's own Tommy Friedman has reached stage three. He bases his conclusion on a New York Times column by Friedman that ran in the Minneapolis Star Tribune on Thursday, September 29th. Spotty doesn't think it is available on the Strib site, and it is only available for Times Select online subscribers, but portions of the column are quoted in the Schwarz piece.

Friedman expressed exasperation that the Sunni Arabs haven't taken his advice to play nice with the Shi'ia and the Kurds. Since they won't, Tommy wants to arm these latter groups and leave the Sunnis to "reap the wind." We thank Tommy for this useful advice, just as we thank him for all the useful advice he has given us about Iraq for the last three years. He and Judy "the Queen of all Iraq" really make a dynamic duo, don't they?

It is numbskulls like Tommy that got us into the Iraq mess in the first place. And they are so put out that things didn't go as they predicted. But now Tommy, like Pontius Pilate, wants to wash his hands of the affair and dodge the moral question of his own involvement.

Nice try Tommy, but there are a lot of people around, like Schwarz, who will make sure that doesn't work.


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