Monday, October 17, 2005

A three hour tour.

You can imagine the scene: Katie confronts some unsuspecting bystander and demands What do you think of the Vikings players’ sex cruise?

Well, the bystander sputters, it was terrible.

But why? asks Katie, piercing the bystander with her laser glare. Athletes are role models, responds the bystander. Why? repeats Katie. After a couple minutes of petulant three-year-old style cross examination, the bystander edges away, unsure of what to make of the middle-woman who apparently wants to talk dirty.

In her Monday column answers yet again her own rhetorical question: Where are we headed, and why are we sitting in this hand basket?
Minnesotans are expressing shock at the alleged sex party on Lake Minnetonka. Fans are disgusted. Politicians are outraged. The Vikings can kiss a new stadium goodbye.

But I've noticed something. Everyone sputters with outrage, but no one really articulates why. When pressed, people generally mutter something about the Vikings being poor role models for our kids.
Katie continues with her sad conclusion:
We sense something is disastrously wrong with such lascivious conduct. But in America in 2005, we've lost the language to say exactly what.
Yeah, it’s sad that a perfectly good word like the Yiddish shtup is hardly heard any more.

There isn’t anything else about this column that Spotty might write that the Wege hasn’t already said at Norweginity. Recommended.

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