Thursday, October 27, 2005

Too funny to pass up . . .

Harriet Miers falls on her sword and John and Paul get all misty-eyed. Here's a whistling past the graveyard remark from Owly Paul:
PAUL adds: Miers deserves great credit for pulling out and preventing the train wreck. If Bush will nominate a high quality conservative, and if Senate Republicans will push that nominee through, then this will prove to be, on balance, a great news week regardless of what happens on Friday. Scandals, real and imagined, come and go; the Supreme Court is for keeps.
These are two guys who, it must be remembered, supported the nomination until say, yesterday afternoon.

You're right Paul, people remember failed Nixon court nominees Carswell and Hayneworth so much more than they remember the resignation in disgrace of Nixon himself.

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