Monday, October 31, 2005

They keep 'a comin' . . .

From today's Star Tribune letters:
GOP hypocrisy

How ironic to discover that two leading Minnesota Republicans, Ron Carey and Kathryn Marshall, were featured prominently in the Oct. 27 story on use of public funds at the Minnesota Autism Center.

Are not these the same Republicans who advocate drastic reductions in public funding for programs to assist the poor -- such as MinnesotaCare, Medical Assistance and child care subsidies -- on the basis that such programs foster dependency on the government, and that the poor should be more self-sufficient?

Yet, here are two affluent Republicans, not only receiving Medical Assistance paid for by our taxes, but allegedly misusing the public funds for their own children to the detriment of other children.

Why are they not paying for these services themselves? Would that not demonstrate the self-sufficiency and less reliance on the government they demand from the poor? Is this another example of hypocritical Republican behavior?

For this letter, Mr. Wey earns a Spotty. A Spotty is awarded to someone who writes a letter or opinion piece that contains sentiments that Spot wishes he had included in a blog post.

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