Thursday, October 06, 2005

Bush: Stay the Course!

President Bush gave what the administration described as a “major address” on Iraq this morning. Major address apparently just means longer than usual; the Iraq war has been going on long enough now that President Platitude needed some extra time to repeat all the accumulated bromides. Here’s the short version:
Stay the Course!
Spotty listened carefully, as carefully as Spotty can anyway, and he doesn’t believe he heard one new thing. At least the television networks didn’t interrupt their rich weekday morning programming to cover the speech!

Spot believes that a couple of things did happen this morning, though.

First, Spotty says that the President made the first in a string of announcements that will lead to administration efforts to reinstate the draft. The US military is being ground to powder, and there is no way to maintain the endless war against the boogie man without the draft. Enlistment goals are not being met, and there is no prospect that they will in the future.

Second, this morning may be recognized in the future as a watershed date in the Republicans’ loss of control of one or both houses of Congress.

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