Monday, October 31, 2005

Chasing cars . . .

Some readers tell Spot they really like Spotty's Katie bits. Others say that Spotty shouldn't bother with Katie's dreck. Spot is inclined to think the latter group is right, but like chasing cars, it is just something some dogs do. Take today for instance.

Fresh from warning us of the dangers of Sheehanism, Katie tells us today about the societal benefits of dressing nice. The springboard for today's sermonette was the new NBA dress code. Couldn't Spotty just leave well enough alone? Apparently not.

Katie's kids are in college now, so she really has full time to devote to telling strangers how to dress. Apparently. Katie is just not happy unless she is operating in full control-freak mode. There is a Katie instruction book for the most minute details of life.

It must be very tiring for her.

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