Tuesday, January 03, 2006

1st 2006 Spotty Award!

David Greene of Minneapolis earns the first Spotty of 2006 for this letter in the Star Tribune yesterday, January 2nd.
Wedge politics

It is important that we understand the political motivations behind the right-wing Republican push to make immigration a central issue in the 2006 elections.

Along with the gay marriage issue, Gov. Tim Pawlenty, House Speaker Steve Sviggum, Pawlenty spokesman Brian McClung, Sen. Michele Bachmann and others who share their distorted view of humanity are promoting wedge issues to distract voters from the issues that actually affect them. They aim to divide support for solving Minnesota's problems that were in fact created by the current administration.

I hear no discussion from this group on the loss of health insurance faced by many families. Nothing about transportation funding blocked by the governor last session. Nothing about rising property taxes due to breaking the state's promise to fully fund our public schools. Not a word about working in partnership with Democrats to promote the common good.

They are not interested in immigration or gay marriage. They are interested in winning elections. They are setting up gay people and undocumented workers as scapegoats for the ills of our society. They are working to turn out their base while dividing the rest of us.

This is not about immigration and gay marriage. This is about fear, prejudice, discrimination and hatred.


To David’s list of wedge politicians, we should add Senator Geoff Michel of Edina, a fan of a constitutional ban on gay marriages and civil unions. He supported Michele Bachmann’s bill last year.

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