Sunday, January 29, 2006

Grim Reality Check . . .

For Pat Kessler at ‘CCO, anyway. Readers will recall that Kessler, the reporter that WCCO likes to think of as the dean of Minnesota political journalists, stepped in it recently when he described Indian tribe contributions to Democrats as “Abramoff-related” in a Reality Check segment. Mr. Sponge at Clever Peasantry said baloney, nay horsepucky.

And in fact, the “Abramoff effect” was to cause a diminution in the amount that the tribes had previously contributed to Democrats. While the contribution to Republicans went way up after Abramoff got involved with the tribes. So says an analysis recently completed for the American Prospect by Dwight L. Morris and Associates, the latter being an outfit that analyzes campaign finance issues for media outlets.

So, Spot says to Mr. Kessler that he needs to correct his reporting.

Thanks to a thoughtful reader for the tip.


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