Friday, January 06, 2006

Go figure . . .

Being a rather provincial dog, Spotty didn't even know until a couple of days ago about the existence of a blog named Minnesota Democrats Exposed. But he has picked up on the exposing of the exposer, Michael Brodkorb, so to speak. So, he spent a little time over on that site today. Mostly gossip. Anyway, one post did catch Spot's eye, the first few lines of which are:

This is a great move by Governor Pawlenty and his communications team. I was invited, but I need to keep my anonymity. [italics are Spot's]
You can read the rest here. The post is in reference to the little soiree that Pawlenty threw at the governor's mansion for right wing bloggers last spring.

Spot's question, boys and girls, is how did Brian McClung (Pawlenty's communications director) know where and to whom to send the invitation? It's really puzzling, isn' it?

Well, not so puzzling. Brian McClung obviously knew that Michael Brodkorb was behind MDE all along.

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