Friday, January 27, 2006

Slumming at Sticks . . .

While slumming over at Captain Fishstick’s place this afternoon, spotted Spot spotted a link to this item in a blog called Peace Like a River:
I am a party apparatchik
This morning I participated in a breakfast for some local bloggers with MN GOP chairman Ron Carey. I was invited along with some other MOB bloggers to talk about how the state party and bloggers can work together to promote our candidates.I appreciated the invitation because I am looking for ways in which I can get more involved in local politics. I don't know near as much about MN politics as some of the MOB blogs who follow state and local politics closely. I don't write a lot about MN politics because I couldn't add much that others aren't already doing.But, Mr. Carey and his energetic staff have some ideas on how to provide us with information that we can turn around and work with in our blogs, and present our issues in a way that can get our voters out to the polls.And of course, now I can go around saying "Party Officials" in a thick, Russian accent.-----MDE has a good recap of the meeting.Craig Westover was also in attendance, and comments here on the meeting.
posted by Jeff @ 4:31 PM

First, Spot wants to know what the MOB stands for; is it Misguided Old Buggers?

This is about as pure an acknowledgement as Spotty has seen that some local right wing bloggers just see themselves as tools of the Republican Party. It is interesting that both Michael Brodkorb of Minnesota Democrats Exposed, about whom Spot has written before,
here and here, and Craig Westover were in attendance, too.

Craig Westover, a/k/a Captain Fishsticks, is of course the self-anointed big thinker of the local right wing. Spot can’t find the link at the moment, but Sticks said recently that bloggers were “cleaning the clocks” of the MSM. Clock cleaning is apparently an occupation for which no journalistic integrity is required.

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