Friday, January 13, 2006

So long, Prof!

Well, the Professor retired. He went quietly into the night, un-noticed and un-mourned. Don’t fret though, boys and girls, it is only the cyber Professor at Intellectual Takeout. IT, as it is known by its friends, is the intellectual junk food site for college conservatives that is run by the Center of the American Experiment. Look it up if you like, but Spot won’t provide another link.

When it was rolled out this fall as Katie’s brainchild, one of the heralded features was an opportunity to submit questions to the “Professor,” represented by a picture of a nerdy looking fellow with a comb over, a pipe, and a cardigan. Students could ask the Professor about history, education, foundations of liberty, political science, etc. The idea was that conservative students could get some Kool Aid for fortification in class. But now the Professor is gone.

Spot followed the Professor since the beginning of school in the fall. How many questions did the Professor answer during his tenure? Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Apparently, the Professor was a complete cipher! Spot takes no responsibility for this; he asked his readers to submit questions to the lonely Professor, to no avail. Or maybe to lots of avail and questions the Professor found well, impertinent!

Or perhaps students figured out that it was not very smart to submit questions to the Center of the American Experiment and expect academic quality answers.


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