Saturday, January 28, 2006

A flying nun . . .

In her column on Thursday, Katie tells us about a young nun from a new local order who is preparing to serve in an eastern Siberian parish. Katie says:
When I met [the young woman] this week in St. Paul, she was dressed in the full habit of a Roman Catholic nun.
That's pretty unconventional for a nun, isn't it Katie? The part that is intriguing to Spotty (as a heretical non-Catholic) is the full part. Apparently, habits come in degrees like wrestling holds: half nelson, full nelson, etc. Or maybe it is like phases of the moon, with a full habit coming in between the waxing and waning gibbous habits. But Spot's attention wanders; sorry.

Okay, just one more. Does a half habit tuck into slacks or a skirt? Spotty, stop it!

Katie tells that the young nun is poised, articulate, and well-traveled. A flying nun, apparently. We also learn that she radiates a sky-is-the-limit look. Spot thought that the sky, in a metaphorical kind of way, was the object of most religious persons.

That's enough teasing for one post. The goal here is not to denigrate a young woman who has chosen a path that looks pretty hard from where Spot lazes in comfort. Rather it is to point out something about Katie the columnist.

Katie has written with glowing approval about Catholic seminary students, nuns, priests, Catholic college professors, Catholic college students and fraternities, and Catholic schools several times. It seems antic, frantic, and to Spot, a little pathetic.

Spot thinks he may need to call Sigmund Spot in for a consultation. Spot thinks that Katie has a huge chip on her shoulder. Katie, maybe it is not too late for you to get thee to a nunnery and atone.


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