Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Golden Rule rears its ugly head.

In Spot’s recent post Ok, where’s your husband?, he described the US military using the families of Iraqi insurgents or other anti-US militants as bait or hostages. These stories have gotten quite a bit of play over the last couple of days on the ‘net, but not in the MSM. This practice may have something to do with the kidnapping of the US journalist, Jill Carroll.

As Sigmund Spot might say, Vy is zis a bad idea? Well laying aside, if you can, the fact that kidnappings –because that is what they are – are morally reprehensible, there is the old principle of international relations that What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Just like torture, when we engage in this conduct, we lose the standing to complain about it in the eyes of the international community.

Yes, but who needs the international community? Well, Spot knows that the world is full of perfidious Frenchman, but it is becoming pretty obvious that alienating everybody else on the planet was not a fruitful idea.

And think about this. How hard would it be to kidnap the Bush twins, or the wife or child of a prominent pro-war Senator or Congressman? Probably not very. Although for the benefit of the NSA, Spot must say that he has no idea how hard it would be, never thought about it, and Spotty discourages the idea muchly. He’s sorry he brought it up.

Oh, by the way, Spot would love for Katie or the Three Doofi to justify kidnap the relatives in print.

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