Friday, November 03, 2006


Well, that ought to bring 'em over from the Minnesota Monitor feed! No, Arne didn't get lost on his way to the deer stand.

Where is Arne missing, Spotty?

Well, grasshopper, Arne is missing from Geoff Michel's full page ad (just one column-width shy, actually) in the November 2nd Edina Sun Current. The ad includes the endorsement of Michel by the ancient lion Bill Frenzel and by Roy Terwilliger; the latter held the seat before Michel. But not Arne.

It will be recalled that Michel was on Arne's staff when Arne was governor. And, as Spot recalls, Arne did endorse Michel for his first run. You have to think that Michel would have asked, nay begged for an endorsement from Arne this time around. After all, Arne Carlson has endorsed several candidates this election cycle.

Maybe the moderate pro-choice Arne Carlson doesn't support the anti-choice Michel and the legislative record that he has produced these past four years: early support for conceal and carry hand gun legislation, support for school vouchers, support for large cuts in the education budget in the first biennium of Michel's term, support for the poisonous Bachmann amendment, or a vote against the first increase in the gas tax in, as Spot recalls, seventeen years.

Maybe if he had gotten Arne Carlson's endorsement, Michel would have needed that extra column!


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