Friday, November 17, 2006

David Sirota writes:

 Here's the first bit of a David Sirota blog entry about the idiocy of James Carville. Link from Spot's favorite aggregator Cursor.

Its true. James Carville is right. Howard Deans 50-state strategy had nothing to do with Democrats winning in places like Kansas and New Hampshire, where groups like the DCCC all but abandoned its own candidates And hes right, it was really awesome that Rahm Emanuel blew $3 million on one losing Illinois House race so he could be a local power broker, rather than giving more to people like Gary Trauner or Dan Maffei, who lost by a few hundred votes. Hes also right that no one should ask questions about why Hillary Clinton spent the most of any Senate candidate - $30 million - on reelection, despite having no serious opponent, and despite the fact that a fraction of that money could have been used to help win more House or Senate seats.

Source: David Sirota

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