Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Presiding over the morgue that is Iraq

That's the title of Jim Klobuchar's post at Vox Verax about a St. Cloud Minnesota State professor, an ethnic Iraqi, who went back to Baghdad to help his family. Klolbucher's post contains a recent and horrifying email message from the professor. He describes the continuing deterioration of Baghdad and the increasing violence there. Klobuchar ends with a quotation from the professor, and then a valediction of his own:

“On a more personal subject, I still haven’t been able to see my family and it's becoming increasingly out of the question. You can imagine how frustrating and sad that is for all of us.

“Again, I so much wish I could be writing to you with hope and optimism and a sense of better things to come.”

Abbas [the professor] didn’t return to Iraq, a place he actually loved as a boy and young man, to write an obituary. But he may have.

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