Monday, November 06, 2006

It's Puckernacht!

 Spotty completely lost track of time! Guess what, boys and girls? It's Puckernacht! Spot was reminded of the day by Katie's column today. She lays out the divisions and the rhetoric leading up to the election and compares it to past elections. And then, in a great whistling past the graveyard moment, Katie concludes by saying:

Yes, Tuesday is a big day. But whatever happens, the sun will rise Wednesday morning.

You will remember, boys and girls, that today is Election Eve, known as Puckernacht to Republicans. For DFLers, it's a occasion to go trick-or-treating. Here are some rules.

  • Wear your Nancy Pelosi or Bill Clinton masks.
  • Go out only to Republican homes. You can identify Republican homes by the lawn signs. Leave the lawn signs alone for trick-or-treaters coming after you!
  • Ring the doorbell, and then when the door is answered, exclaim trick or treat for Democrats!
  • Don't really expect any treats, and under no circumstance may you perform any tricks. Your vote for the Dems will be plenty of "tricks" enough!

Okay, so you're a Republican, and you don't want a visit from Nancy or Bill? What to do? Here's what Spot recommends. Take down your Republican lawn signs and put up Hatch or Klobuchar or Wetterling signs. Virtually anybody running as a Dem in your precinct will do. Good luck!

Source: Polarized at the polls? Yes, it's an American tradition

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