Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Purge the counter-revolutionary elements!

Poor Scotty. In a post penned in the pre-dawn cold and titled Say it ain't so, Tim, Scotty starts out this way:

Among the cynical adages that explain a lot about democratic politics is this one: "Vote for your enemy -- he has no one to sell out to but you." It's an adage that seems to apply more reliably to Republicans than to Democrats. In any event, however, our own Governor Tim Pawlenty is in the process of providing a case study in the merits of the adage.

Though he was reelected last week, he now faces substantial Democratic majorities in both houses of the Minnesota legislature and is apparently seeking ground he can cede to them. Now Governor Pawlenty is advocating the extension of "health care access to up to 90,000 uninsured children as a step toward coverage for all Minnesotans." (I'm relying on the Star Tribune account of Pawlenty's speech; I can't find a copy of it on the Internet.)

Yes, Scotty this is terrible. If we take care of the children, where will our matchstick girls and street-corner news boys come from? This is an intolerable interference in the free market. Tim Pawlenty will burn for this!

Actually, he might. When you starting touting TPaw for VP, Scotty, posts like this are going to be waved in front of a lot of Republican activists. Probably not good.

This wasn't Pawlenty's only sin, according to Scotty:

Governor Pawlenty didn't propose any particular method for extending coverage, he simply put the ball in play. The Democrats can be counted on to do the rest. Not willing to leave bad enough alone, Governor Pawlenty also delivered some nanny-state hectoring of pharmaceutical advertising:

Pawlenty said prescription drug ads should be limited or temporarily suspended because they only "create consumer-driven appetites for prescription medicines that do not yield wise decisions."

So much is wrong with this proposition. I recoil from the arrogance of such instruction from public servants who have forgotten their jobs. Sorry, governor, but you aren't the arbiter of the "wise decisions" of a free people.

Don't feel so bad Scotty. Just think, if Pawlenty had made this speech before the election, the base would have deserted him in droves and TPaw probably would have lost the election!

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