Saturday, November 04, 2006

City to unplug music at 331 Club

Here's the lede from a November 2nd Strib article concerning live music at the Drinking Liberally venue: 

City inspectors may pull the plug on live music at the 331 Club in northeast Minneapolis, which was transformed from an unremarkable dive bar into a hip nightspot two years ago when folk, country and rock bands started playing there.

It would be a shame if that happened. It is hip - far hipper than Spot - and it is a credit to the neighborhood it is in. Da Wege has more here.

If the concern is noise, it's pretty silly, since it is separated by a parking lot from the only residence right around it. Far less noise emanates from the 331 Club than the unmuffled motorcycles that parade up and down University Avenue.

Source: City to unplug music at 331 Club

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