Saturday, June 09, 2007

Alumni of Moderation revisited

Now this is interesting. Spot often enjoys spending his Friday nights looking at site statistics, particularly the sites that refer traffic or "hits" to The Cucking Stool. One of the recent referral sites was a Google page with the search string "Alumni of Moderation" Macalester. You will recall, boys and girls, that Spot recently did a post about Katie's column featuring the Alumni of Moderation at Macalester College. Clearly aimed at persons of refinement and good taste, not to mention conservative, one of the "AMMC" leaders is a callow fellow named Joseph Schultz who, Spot is informed, was chair of the College Republicans at Macalester.

If you check the sites that show up on the Google page, boys and girls, you will see links to Katie's column and to Spot's post. The former is regrettably ranked higher than the latter. Anyway, there are a couple of other links that are of interest: two sites concerning alumni gatherings for 2006 and 2007. Both confabs had AMMC meetings.

For the June 2006 alumni gathering, here is how the AMMC session was described:

9:30 a.m. [Saturday of the alumni weekend] Mac Alumni of Moderation Join Joseph Schultz ’06 and alumni from all classes for a discussion about conservatives on campus, past and present.

In June of 2006, the ink on Joseph Schultz's sheepskin wasn't even dry. His first check for the alumni association dues hadn't cleared the bank yet. But Joe was on a mission to reform the campus that had made his time there such a living hell. What better way to do that than try to find some older alums that might have some financial clout at the college? Like oh, say, Roger A. Peterson?

Spot doesn't know how successful the 2006 parley was, but Joe apparently decided to recalibrate his message a little for 2007:

9:30 a.m. [Joe got the same time slot!] Alumni of Moderation Join Macalester alumni of moderation for a discussion about the nature of liberal arts education today.

Isn't that nice? Instead of talking about conservatives, maybe they'll get more people if they just talk about the "nature of liberal arts education today." Spot says that's good thinking Joe, much more stealthy than just coming out and saying that AMMC was about conservatives. There was a little cognitive dissonance there, you have to admit.

Can't you see it, boys and girls? Joe Schultz standing in front of the throng, a modern incarnation of Harold Hill, complete with a striped jacket and a straw boater, exhorting the assembled with the conservative's version of "We've Got Trouble." No wonder Katie loved it.

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