Sunday, June 24, 2007

False rites and weak faith

Spot wants Katie to read this:

Al-Hayat [an Arab newspaper] says that the Iraqi legislature issued a statement on the knighting by Queen Elizabeth II of author Salman Rushdie: "At a time when we call for a dialogue of religions and civilizations, and work to combat terrorism in all its forms and wherever it exists, we express our amazement and our regret that the Queen of England has honored a person who has insulted Islam and millions of its adherents."

Note to Iraqi parliament: if a religion is true, it cannot be insulted,  and if adherents have faith, they will be undeterred by criticism.  Only false rites and weak faith need be afraid of novels. Insecurity in a self-proclaimed believer is unlovely.

[Juan Cole writing today in Informed Comment]

Katie has written on a number of occasions lamenting the insults to her Catholic faith. Were these products also of "false rites and weak faith?" What do you think, boys and girls?

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