Saturday, June 23, 2007

Still crazy after all these years

Minnesota's own (sigh) Allen Quist, quoted in an article about the International Baccalaureate program that was under consideration in Arizona:

"The International Baccalaureate is un-American," Allen Quist, who served in the Minnesota Legislature in the 1980s and ran for Minnesota governor as a Republican in 1994, said in a phone interview. He said that International Baccalaureate's links to the United Nations are disturbing and that its sense of right and wrong is ambiguous.

It teaches students to see the American system of government as one of many, not as the only one that protects universal and God-given rights to property, to bear arms and free speech, Quist said.

Same old Allen, right, boys and girls? It is hard to believe, that the same state produced Allen Quist and Harold Stassen; Spot wrote about the latter recently. Not only the same state—the same political party. Harold Stassen, the champion of multilateralism and international cooperation, and Allen Quist, provincial rube and proponent of ignorance, paranoia, and chest-beating nationalism. Stassen was still alive when Quist ran for governor; Spot wonders what he thought of Quist.

If any of you boys and and girls has any information about that, be sure to send it to ol' Spotty, ok?

You have to wonder where guys like Quist come from, don't you? Psychologically, that is. What makes a person so pathetically afraid of anything that is the smallest bit different? Is it a steady diet of unsalted oatmeal as a child? Is it the same comforting set of underwear worn every day in the first grade? Or perhaps there's a genetic component, too: children sired by men too bashful to talk to a girl they didn't grow up with. Whatever the cause, these people are dangerous nuts.

Someday, boys and girls, we will talk about the "God-given right to bear arms." Meanwhile, we can be sure that Allen has given each of his children, he's got about a dozen of them, a Jesus model M-16 as a christening present.

A thump of the tail to the Wege at Norwegianity for calling the article to Spot's attention.

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