Monday, June 25, 2007

Spittle guards on microphones

Do you suppose they have spit guards on the microphones at "AM 1280 - The Patriot?"

Oh, undoubtedly, and probably wind screens, too. Why do you ask, grasshopper?

You remember your post The Manchurian Candidate? About the Republican factotum non-MnSCU student that the governor is considering appointing to the MnSCU Board of Trustees? Well, the Manchurian Candidate was a guest of Michael Brodkorb and King Banaian on their right wing call-in therapy show last Saturday. Picture that tableau, Spotty!

Yes, Spot thinks he has an image now.

Aren't those the guys from Powerline?


Anyway the whole thing apparently started with Hal Kimball's post suggesting that the Manchurian Candidate, Luke Hellier, was a bad choice for the job. Although Kimball didn't call him the Manchurian Candidate, you did, Spotty. And on Saturday, the King and the Korb went to great lengths to talk about what a great guy the Manchurian Candidate is, and dammit, he's eligible. Never mind that he was one of the Brownshirts for Bachmann and has heretofore never expressed any interest in public higher education, except perhaps for some political organizing and "fostering conservative thought" on MnSCU campuses—as though that was an intellectual movement.

They discussed Kimball during the show, and the  King went all testicular on him; there's also a post about it up on SCSU Scholars.

There's one thing that the King and Kimball have in common that the Manchurian Candidate does not, grasshopper.

What's that, Spotty?

The King and Kimball have both set foot in a MnSCU classroom. Spot finds it  least mildly ironic that a tenured SCSU faculty member would support a candidate for the MnSCU Board of Trustees who has such a fatally-defective background—or rather the lack of any background—with the MnSCU system. It makes one wonder where the King's priorities lie. Perhaps one doesn't have to wonder too much!

Banaian seems to want to make this about Hal Kimball, not Luke Hellier. Why is that Spotty? He even suggested that Hal Kimball, who is apparently a former infantryman in the Army, was like Gomer Pyle.

Isn't it obvious, grasshopper? The King thinks it is more effective to try to tear down Kimball than talk about why the Manchurian Candidate should get the job. You will admit there isn't a very good case to be made for Hellier's appointment.

No, I suppose you're right, Spotty.

Update: The grasshopper apparently thought that Hal Kimball had called to the radio show. In fact, Banaian went ballistic without any provocation from Hal. The post has been corrected. Spot, and the grasshopper especially, regret the error.

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