Friday, June 22, 2007

Let them eat peat!

In what may [may?] be another troubling sign for the state's economy, record numbers of Minnesotans are delinquent in paying their natural gas bills.

CenterPoint Energy, the state's largest provider of natural gas, reports that about a third of its customers -- about 208,000 businesses and households -- owe money after the heating season.

More than half of the delinquent customers are at least two months behind on their payments, and owe an average of $1,500, according to CenterPoint.

Heating bill delinquencies jump

We are in the time of the year when the cold weather rule does not prevent shut offs. That ought to make Paul Kammen happy! However it ought to make the rest of us, and mortgage lenders particularly, uneasy about what this says about the probable trend in the mortgage foreclosure rate.

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