Friday, June 29, 2007

You got a lotta damn nerve

Spot rarely bothers with Michael Brodkorb.


You know Michael Brodkorb, don't you grasshopper? That transient uncomfortable bunching of your shorts; that hole in your sock that your big toe sometimes pokes through; that hard taco that breaks into many pieces when you take the first bite? In other words, an agent of annoyance whose power to peeve far exceeds his importance.

Michael Brodkorb is a foppish Republican dandy, the saloon keeper at Minnesota Democrats Exposed, a site dedicated to the extrusion of an effluvium of rumor, gossip, and innuendo, like a dotty Play-Doh Fun Factory, loaded with excreta, run amok.

Brodkorb also stars on the conservative radio fart show, "The King and the Korb," on "The Patriot AM 1280." Last Saturday, the King and the Korb tried to perform an ambush on Hal Kimball over his criticism of Luke Hellier as a candidate for a student representative position on the MnSCU Board of Trustees. Regrettably, Hal was not available, but that didn't prevent the King and the Korb from vilifying Hal. It's better than talking about the Manchurian Candidate's credentials!

Anyway, the Korb registered shock and dismay that Jeff Fecke, writing at Minnesota Matters Monitor, would pick up the story and write that the Manchurian Candidate seemed to be the governor's apparent choice. Why, he didn't source it properly! (Spot is not making this up, boys and girls.) Based on what he knows, boys and girls, Jeff's inference is a reasonable one; Brokorb's complaint is like Elmer Gantry, railing against sin while boinking the help.

You've got a lotta damn nerve, Brodkorb.

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