Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Manchurian Candidate

Be on the lookout for him. Here's his picture with one of his handlers:

He may be sent by Governor Pawlenty on a secret mission to work against Tim Walz.

How could he do that, Spotty? He looks a little big for espionage work.

Very perceptive, grasshopper. But the governor will hide him in plain sight.

Boy, Spotty, that's sneaky! But how?

You see, grasshopper, the Manchurian Candidate is Luke Hellier. The guv is considering Hellier for a spot as a student trustee on the MnSCU Board of Trustees as the four-year students' (undergraduate) representative.

Well, so?

Hellier graduated this spring from St. John's University, which is not in the MnSCU system; it's not even a public college. So Hellier not only is not a four-year student, he's never been one in at a MnSCU school.

Well, then. What does he have to recommend himself to TPaw?

He's a Republican activist, grasshopper. Things like the Young America Foundation, active in Students for Bachmann, Students Fostering Conservative Thought, and College Republicans show up on Hellier's cv. (Incidentally, at the last link, you can find a picture of Hellier with Jenna Bush.)

Spotty, do you think this guy gives a rat's ass about public higher education?

Watch your language, grasshopper, but no, Spot doesn't. Which is why Spot thinks the guv wants to give him a platform to "foster conservative thought," so to speak. What do you bet Hellier winds up as an operative for whoever whomever runs against Walz?

You can get a much better idea of what a faithful retainer for the GOP Luke Hellier is by reading this post by Blue Man in a Red District.

But be on the lookout for the Manchurian Candidate. Here's another picture:

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