Thursday, August 02, 2007

God didn't knock the damn thing down

And it wasn't terrorism. That leaves just one explanation: neglect. Ron Carey's favorite helper monkey Michael Brodkorb is all over leaving comments at Minnesota Monitor and talking on the radio about how the liberals are "politicizing" the 35W bridge collapse. Guess what Michael? Politics is the way we sort things out. Governor Pepsodent and his whole administration, poster children for government neglect, should be beaten like rented mules over this catastrophe; they will be, Spot is sure.

When you burn your butt, you have to sit on the blisters.

It is inconceivable that one of the most heavily-traveled bridges in the state could deteriorate to the literal point of collapse without some serious neglect by the people in charge of looking after it. Don't be a more painful ass than you already are by claiming otherwise, Michael. Governor Pepsodent can't even dedicate the resources necessary to properly inspect an important bridge, much less repair it.

It was obvious that Governor Pepsodent knew he was fighting a rear-guard action when he first opened his mouth at the initial presser after the collapse. In all the hustle and bustle of events, the governor managed to find the time to locate a couple of reports that said the bridge had been recently inspected! Man, they must have really gone over it with a fine-tooth comb!

In fact, there was also a federal report that stated that the bridge condition was not so spiffy. Funny how Pepsodent didn't mention that one! Spot knows what Governor Pepsodent can do with his "thoughts and prayers" for the afflicted!

But according to Michael Brodkorb, it is just so unfair to blame an administration that has stymied virtually every effort to increase transportation funding. It's not only fair, Michael, it's accurate. And now we can see just how penny wise and pound foolish the Pepsodent administration is. The economic wreckage of the bridge collapse will dwarf the cost of just replacing the bridge, on top of the horrific loss of life.

Spot finds rough justice in the fact that the Republican national convention will be in the Twin Cities next summer. Not quite as good as if it had to be held in New Orleans, but close enough. Neglected levees, neglected bridges, what's the difference?

By the way, Michael, when the conventioneers are in town next summer, why don't you rent a bus a run a "Crumbling Infrastructure" tour? Could be a real money maker.

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