Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The plot thickens

Scene: The Patriot 1280 studio after the King and the Korb show. The King and the Korb are there, and the have Swiftee on the speaker phone.

MB: This bridge thing is really going south fast.

TS: You got that effing right!

KB: Oh, come on fellas! It's not that bad. I started a meme yesterday that the cause is in the realm of the unknowable. Gave 'em the old professorial razzle dazzle. Risk, reward, uncertainty, black swans, the whole nine yards. It should be taking hold any minute now.

TS: Pfft!

KB: Excuse me Swiftee, did you just fart at me?

TS: Uh, no.

MB: I think Swiftee is skeptical that's gonna work, King. I am, too. I've been banging the drum that the Democrat party is politicizing this practically since the moment the bridge fell. That pleases the base, but nobody else seems to be buying it. The public is looking for heads. What are we going to do?

TS: Blame the gays. I heard a rumor that Fred Phelps was going to do that.


TS: Well, excuse me. Just trying to help.

MB: We know, Swiftee, and we appreciate that.

KB: Well, if my brilliant initial thrust doesn't do the trick, perhaps we can blame the Democrat party.

TS: Pfft! Sorry. How are we gonna do that?

KB: We can blame light rail and the Northstar line. Money got diverted to these kooky projects and left us penniless to fix the roads and bridges.

MB: Is that true?

KB: Well, not really. Light rail has been a runaway success. It doesn't require as much operational subsidy as the naysayers thought it would. Most of the capital dollars came from Washington.

TS: But nobody rides the Northstar line!

MB: That's because it hasn't been built yet, Swiftee.

TS: Oh.

KB: It's still worth a try, though. So let's spread the word. Swiftee, you're a blog comment machine; see what you can do. Michael and I will blog about the Democrat party culpability.

TS: Culpability?

KB: Responsibility.

TS: Okay.

MB: We'll still have one weapon left in reserve.

KB: What's that?

MB: It was Bill Clinton's fault.

TS: Yea!

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