Tuesday, August 14, 2007

"Precisely the tools we need to continue successfully disrupting the enemy's plans..."

Because you never know when the next sign of the terrorists on our soil will be wicked mean Islamofascist roosters:
Sneak-and-peek warrants debated
Patriot Act used to search for evidence in cockfighting case

Acting under the authority of the Patriot Act, the agents had obtained a search warrant that allowed them to clandestinely enter the property, search for evidence and not tell anyone about it until the government or a judge was ready to let the owners know they’d been there.

Just after midnight on May 13, 2004, a small team of FBI agents crept into the legendary Del Rio Cockfighting Pit in Cocke County.

Originally touted as a tool in the struggle against terrorism, the Patriot Act now was being used in the hills of East Tennessee as part of a shadowy war that had been going on for decades, a struggle that pitted the federal government against a homespun Appalachian culture that had churned out generation after generation of proud outlaws.

Read the whole thing. The sneak-and-peek provisions of the Patriot Act are being used for threats to our Great Way of Life like cockfighting. Feeling safer yet?

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