Saturday, August 18, 2007

No disregard for life

This is beneath you, Spotty.

Even so, grasshopper. Here's a comment to MNO's post Guilty:

These fundamentalists have no disregard for life. They are animals, and deserve no mercy from us. I think letting them go through our court process is too good for them.

Sick of it

Well, Sick, you need to be more careful with the big words! But let's assume for a moment that our cerebral friend meant "no regard for life." Spot says, boys and girls, doesn't that make more sense, given the rest of Sick's comment? Spot thinks so. Anyway.

The first step, boys and girls, in justifying whatever atrocities or mistreatment of your enemies that occur, is to reduce their status to subhuman—or animal, even better. You see, if they're less than human, they aren't even entitled to Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions treatment! It is just too bad that John Yoo didn't think of that!

Our enemies never have Any Regard for Life. It is remarkable that it's a trait that runs through everyone we oppose. Do you suppose, boys and girls, that our enemies say the same thing about us?

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