Sunday, August 05, 2007

Here's an idea

In his latest column, Nick Coleman said this:

After Tim Pawlenty was elected governor in 2002, he made his running mate, Carol Molnau, commissioner of transportation. Tell me a better way to politicize transportation and control the spin on everything involving roads or bridges.

When Pawlenty vetoed the transportation bill in May, "Commissioner" Molnau was beside him, smiling. Dear, Minnesota. A transportation commissioner who grins while her department is being knifed is not a transportation commissioner.

Now, a bridge has fallen and people are dead. The buck has to stop somewhere. Molnau was in China when it happened. She probably kissed the Minnesota turf when she got back. Because a Chinese transportation commissioner whose bridge collapsed might lose her head.

We are lenient in Minnesota. Molnau can keep her head. She should lose her job.

How about if we set up a podium on one of the approaches to the collapsed bridge. Molnau can deliver her resignation while standing at the podium and addressing the wreckage, sort of a ritual political suicide.

Ooh, Spotty, that's cold.

So was the water when it closed over the people who perished.

[update] You remember Spot's discussion of King Banaian seeing black swans, don't you boys and girls? Look a little closer, professor: they're turkey buzzards circling over Pepsodent and Molnau. [/update]

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