Thursday, August 23, 2007

Katie for the defense

Spot does not intend to write about Katie's column today; Spot would rather strip woodwork at the doghouse. However, the Wege has measured up today's offering, and finds it sadly—although not unexpectedly—lacking. Go read what Wege has to say; here's the lede:

Give Katherine Kersten some credit: at least she waited until the last of the bodies had been recovered before assigning blame for the bridge collapse.

In the wake of the Interstate 35W bridge collapse, DFL leaders want to raise the state gas tax to fund transportation needs.

Starting out with a lie is a pretty rotten opening. This paragraph is a lie because Kersten's first four words are "[i]n the wake of," implying a response when in fact DFL leaders have tried to raise the state gas tax in consecutive legislative sessions. Raising the gas tax is a continuation of existing DFL policy. Repairing infrastructure is a core Democratic issue. Kersten would have you think that the DFL is responding to the collapse when in fact they generically anticipated it and worked to avoid such a tragedy.

Spot will only add that Katie is funny when that defensive tone creeps in.

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