Friday, August 03, 2007

Requiem for a Lightweight

Is it too early to begin writing the political epitaph for Governor Pepsodent? The ambitious politician, the all-hat-no-cattle cowboy, so quick to assume the prayerful attitude, but so slow to really try to inform the public about the real needs of the state and respond to those needs? The governor who prattles on about the value of the lower tax environment he created while the state trails the national average in job production? The apple polisher that John McCain—should he somehow miraculously win the lottery—would be a fool to pick as a running mate because he will remind voters around the country of the ideological bankruptcy of the Republican Party.

Spot says it is not too early. Here's an idea:

He came. He saw. He said, What the hell? It'll probably be okay.

You, boys and girls, are encouraged to offer up your ideas, too.

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