Friday, April 11, 2008

Al Franken: cybersquatter?

What is it, grasshopper?

Well, I was doing some Google searching about Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer for some, um, extra credit, and I found these:

That's nice, grasshopper.

But it's where they take you that's important, Spotty!


Yeah. If you click on either one of those links, they take you to Al Franken's senate campaign web site.

You're right, grasshopper! That's a good catch. Tell Spot who did this.

That's the funny thing, Spot. If you do a WHOIS search on either one of them, the owner comes up as a dummy registrant: WhoisGuard Protected.

Maybe that's his name, grasshopper.

You think?

No, of course not.

Some day we'll have a lecture about campaign pranks. Maybe we'll even get Michael Brodkorb in as a guest speaker! Or, we could get the person who pulled this stunt. Grasshopper, why don't you ask Al Franken if it was somebody associated with his campaign?

Hey Al Franken! Did somebody associated with your campaign do this?

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