Saturday, April 12, 2008

Like no one saw this coming

Charter school getting threats for Islamic ties
An Inver Grove Heights charter school has received harassing and threatening calls in the wake of accusations that it blurs the line between religion and state by promoting Islam, the school's director said Friday.

The city's police are investigating and will put extra patrols in the area as a precaution, Police Chief Chuck Kleckner said. He said the school's director contacted the police Friday morning.

* * *

The school came under fire last month after Star Tribune columnist Katherine Kersten questioned whether TIZA, which receives public money, promotes the Muslim faith.

Well, it not only was the subject of a Kersten column last month, she went after it again on Wednesday of this week, and on Thursday she piled on a tlevison report about their lack of an American flag.

Of course Katie can't be held responsible for the acts of her readers. But when we once again see the flying monkeys of the right wing attack machine stalk and threaten children, advocate gunning down protesters in St. Paul and mail fake anthrax letters to prominent liberals in sick attempts to join the club, we can't help but ask ourselves when the vitriol whipped up by the likes of Kersten, Malkin, and Coulter starts to swerve into Radio Rwanda territory.

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