Friday, April 11, 2008

Nice column, Katie

[walking up and sitting on the corner of her desk in the newsroom] That was a nice column on Wednesday, Katie.

[looking up, startled] Really? Oh, I mean, thank you. I liked it, too, Mr. Tice. I did some digging to get that information about that Muslim school operating right under our noses!

Well, let's not get carried away. I know that you got that tip dropped in your lap by a recent College Republican chair at Winona State:

In the fall of 2005 [Amanda Getz] was elected Chair of the Winona College Republicans and was recently appointed as Vice Chair South.

I hardly think that matters!

I suppose not. Let me ask you, though, have you ever had a source or interviewed somebody who wasn't a Republican?

I'm sure that I have.

Okay, whatever. But you see, here's the deal. You got the ACLU of Minnesota and the Minnesota Department of Education to look into this school for mixing religion and public dollars. The former I can sort of understand, but the latter is downright amazing.

Yeah, that was cool, wasn't it?

I suggest that you expand this into a real, well, crusade.

What do you mean?

There are lots of other charter schools that have a pretty obvious religious connection: Ascension Academy, New Visions, Higher Ground, New Spirit Primary, New Spirit Middle, the list goes on.

[looking up, shaken] But that's clearly different, Mr. Tice!

Oh, how?

Those sound like Christian schools.

I see your point. Never mind.

Update: A belated thump of the tail to Ollie Ox at A Bluestem Prairie.

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